Company Profile


Welcome to Kisan Food Products. The founder of this company is Mr. Gupta, have 12 years experience in the food industry. Kisan food products provide organic and Conventional products to domestic and international market. Such as grains, oilseeds, herbs & spices, edible oil, animal feeds, rice, cereals. We are known for producing superior quality product. The company has a vast experience of doing traditional business activities. The company produces the best quality of Indian Conventional and Organic commodities.

We are a company that is founded on the core values of business ethics and principles. Kisan Food Company that is established on the core values of business principles. Our main aim is client satisfaction. We take great initiatives to make sure that we exceed the expectations of the clients. Being a customer focused company; we welcome input and reviews from them. We apply them appropriately to make our products and services better. We look forward in developing a level for ourselves in this Industry.

Kisan Group is devoted to produce well and provides services as per the particular and changing specification of our customers.
We will produce hygienic, healthy & tasty food by preserving 100 % natural ingredients through environment-safe manufacturing process.
We will be translucent to all the clients, workers, vendors and community as a whole.
Our targeted vision is investment to quality, be a major food source products, and be supportive with good costs.
Mission: -
Kisan Food is recognized as a creator of exclusive organic and conventional products catering the customer who requirements a high level of creativeness, quality, and convenience.
Our mission is to be an industry innovator in organic and conventional products in India. To obtain this we will entice the most experienced people to associate with our organization.
We would like to determine our uniqueness by providing any customer specific specifications with regards to services and products. We will create abilities to evolve to changes very fast and play a leaders’ part.


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