Soybean Seed


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:   Soybean seed
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        Soybean is known as the “GOLDEN BEAN” of the 20th Century. Though, Soybean is a legume crop, yet it is widely used as oilseed. Due to very poor cook ability on account of inherent presence of try sin inhibitor, it cannot be utilized as a pulse. It is now the second largest oilseed in India after groundnut. It grows in varied agro-climatic conditions. The much needed protein to human diets, because it contains above 40 per cent protein of superior Soybean has great potential as an exceptionally nutritive and very rich protein food. It can supply quality and all the essential amino acids particularly glycogen, tryptophan and lysine, similar to cow’s milk and animal proteins. Soybean also contains about 20 per cent oil with an important fatty acid, lecithin and Vitamin A and D. The 4 percent mineral salts of soybeans are fairly rich in phosphorous and calcium.

Uses of Soybean / Soybean Flour    

» Soybeans are also used in industrial products, including oils, soap, cosmetics, resins,  plastics, inks, crayons, solvents, and clothing.

» Soy products also are used as a low-cost substitute in meat and poultry product.

» Soybean oils, both liquid and partially hydrogenated, are exported abroad, sold as "vegetable    oil", or end up in a wide variety of processed foods. The remaining soybean meal is used mainly as animal feed.

» Soybean meal is also used in lower-end dog foods.

» Soybeans are used to provide healthier options of favourite foods. For example, soy burgers are a vegetarian version of the traditional hamburger.