Product Name
:   Coriander Powder
:   Conventional
:   Parvarish
:   100 grams,200 grams

Coriander seeds (Dhaniya) - is a member of a parsley family. The seeds are oval in shape, ridged, and turn from bright green to beige when ripen. This spice tastes sweet and tangy, with a slightly citrus flavor. The English name for this spice comes from the Greek koros, meaning “bug”. Coriander is usually sold in powdered form, although the whole seeds are also available. Fresh green coriander - because they are aid digestion, they are particularly effective with carbohydrates like pastries and bread. Coriander is also used in fish and savory dishes as a healthy alternative to salt, and it is basic ingredient of curry powder. Parameter / Specification Value Unit
1. Energy 288.00 Kcals
2. Protein 14.10 g
3. Fat 16.10 g
4. Mineral 4.40 g
5. Carbohydrates 21.60 g
6. Fiber 32.60 g
7. Calcium 630.00 mg
8. Iron 7.10 mg