Refined Soybean Oil


Product Name
:   Refined Soybean Oil
:   Conventional
:   Shubharambh
:   500 ML ( Bottel ),1 LTR ( Bottel ),2 LTR ( Jar ),5 LTR ( Jar ),15 Kg ( Tin ),15 LTR ( Tin )

Soybean oil is widely used oil and is commonly called vegetable oil. The high smoke point of soybean oil allows it to be used as frying oil. The natural taste of Soybean oil enhances the flavor of food, and works well with other ingredients including fats and oils, making it edible in salad dressings, sauces and baked foods. It does not produce any irritating odor, and is one of the most popularly used commercial deep-frying oils. Our organization is known for our superior grade of Refined Soybean Oil and faces high demand from our clients. This oil is extracted from the pure soybean. It is utilized in a number of applications.

It is low in fat and does not contain any cholesterol, hence making it attractive to health conscious customers. It does not contain any saturated fats and has a high content of Vitamin E. It is also used a salad oil owing to its nutritional value. This product is very affordable.