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Meat Bone Meal


Product Name
:   Meat Bone Meal
:   Conventional
:   Kisan
:   25 kg,50 kg

Meat and bone meal is the dried and rendered product from mammal tissues. It does not contain horn, hair, hide trimmings, manure, stomach contents, added blood meal or poultry by-product. The calcium content should not be more than 2.2 times the phosphorus content. A calcium content higher than this indicates additional calcium from a source other than bone.The protein in meat and bone meal is degraded relatively slowly in rumen.

Packaging:P.P Bags 50 Kgs / 110.23 lb 20’FCL: 18.0 MT

                          Bulk Liner                                              20’FCL: 18.0 MT

S.no. Parameter / Specification Value Unit
1. Moisture 10 % Max
2. Protein 45 % Min
3. Fat 8 % Max
4. Fiber 3 % Max
5. Sand & Silica 2 % Max
6. Colour Greyish Brown
7. Ash 40 % Max
8. Pepsin Digestibility 80 % Min
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